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Trip To: PasarBella- Singapore's first permanent farmer's market!


Singapore finally has a permanent farmer's market! I love farmer's markets! I love that everything looks so fresh and brilliant- the colours! wow! The variety! The smells! Mhmm! I love it that it's a place that treats food with the respect that it deserves and the atmosphere is always so fun and carnival like :)

Best of all, I love the almost-tangible passion in the air. The people behind the stalls are what attract me the most. I was a little skeptical about PasarBella because I was pretty sure all the veg and everything would actually be imported rather than lovingly grown by the stall owners themselves and horrors! they might turn out to be no different from people trying to hawk their wares solely for profit and whatnot but what I found at PasarBella was heartwarmingly different. Like at any farmer's market across the world, the people behind their stalls at PasarBella were passionate about what they sold. You could tell that if they chose to sell bread or meat or oil or flowers that they truly believed in the highest quality of their product. From the girl at the crafts booth selling fabric to the lady selling cheese, I loved the way their eyes all lit up at the mention of their products. The genuine warmth and the vast knowledge- they were all specialists in their field and were truly inspiring!

I would really love to go back on a slow day at the market and just wander around talking to the stall owners!

I was SO TEMPTED to buy dried lavender stalks for $35 a bunch. Told myself I'd walk around the place first before returning and forgot all about them! :( Would definitely be going back to get them. They were so lovely and smelled incredible!

Not a fan of coffee but the coffee smell was still really enticing.

I LOVE OILS pressed from fruit and nuts. MHMMM!

The best part of any farmer's markets! The produce section!
Hello Barry the broccoli!

Does anybody know what fruits are these? I think the bottom left hand ones are.. pomegranate?


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We couldn't resist and stopped to buy a beef/cheddar (?) pie. It was okay. Flavourful I guess but as it wasn't hot it wasn't really irresistible. I felt there was too much meat and too little pastry. The balance was off somehow. I managed to snuck the middle part (with the extra pastry deco) so had a nice balanced mouthful of both pastry and filling. THAT part was yummy. haha


Really unique sounding drinks. Lemongrass and Ginger Milk, Lemon grass and Ginger tea and Cinnamon Spice!

I think this was the highlight of PasarBella for me. The Cheese Ark!

It's tucked away through a narrow corridor next to Bella Bakery.

I love the place! It's just such a cosy nook filled with all sort of cheese and I really like cheese! The staff (as all the PasarBella staff are) were really friendly as well. Places that sell food AND offer free samples always get my vote :)

We asked for Brie but since they only served 'rare cheese' they offered an equally creamy substitute- raw cow's milk cheese! I really liked it! I've long heard about the benefits of raw cow's milk as opposed to pasteurised versions and I guess eating the cheese form is as good as any!

We also heard that they have a sort of 'cheese degustation/ sampling' session going on at night at 7:30pm where people can just gather round and sample the cheese. You can also bring your own wine, fruit and nuts etc-- sounds like fun! Will totally want to try it out someday!

Most importantly, The Cheese Ark imports cheese from places and makers who still take the time to lovingly prepare their cheese through traditional methods- in line with The Slow Food Foundation's philosophy of protecting the environment, defending biodiversity, promoting sustainable agriculture, promoting small-scale food producers and valuing their traditional knowledge etc.

I fully suport any of these sort of ventures and efforts to treat the earth and food right so yay for The Cheese Ark!

Wouldn't it be lovely if every child in future would be able to appreciate cheese (or any other type of food for that matter) for all the time and passion that went into it rather than a strangely coloured square blob in a package that came from a factory?

Anyway! Moving on!

Bella Bakery Bread!

Huber's Butchery is also at PasarBella! I'm definitely not a fan of sausages or processed meats in general but we decided to try a Swiss Veal hotdog! I have a weakness for caramelised onions. Haha.

Not too bad I guess. Not something I would hanker for but much better than your run-of-the-mill hotdogs, definitely!

The last part of PasarBella is also a Tsukiji- inspired fish market. Live lobsters were going for 3 for $100. I found out that the founder of PasarBella is actually TWENTY FOUR year old Clovis Lim who is also behind gorgeous eateries like Antoinette and Pique Nique.

He is one of the anchor tenants at PasarBella and runs the fishmarket!

Just as we were heading out, I spied Pantry Magic!!!
Look at the array of gorgeous kitchen ware. SIGH *heart all aflutter*

Unfortunately it was closed for the day but! Gives me a great reason to go back again soon.

Go go go check out PasarBella for yourself! :)

Opens 9:30am- 7:30pm
Mondays to Sundays

PasarBella @ The Grandstand Bukit Timah Singapore
200 Turf Club Road Singapore 287994
Phone: +65 6887 0077

Accessible by car, train, bus or shuttle bus!

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